Elisa Allison Sproule

Elisa Allison Sproule combines her faith, values, and life’s challenges to the keys of her computer. Her writing brings mystery, romance, betrayal, and strength to the reality that there is hope in heartbreak. You have never been stronger. Elisa is the author of the novels, “Forever Not Always, Toxic Vows, and When the white flag is thrown,” The story of Love, Racing, Challenge, and Faith. Elisa found writing help express her shattering pain in the grief of the loss of her husband Clifford Allison.

Brokenness made her susceptible to be hurt. While God was near, her grief numbed her. “Overwhelmed and shattered she also found that you are your most fragile when hurting.” She found that she was stronger than she thought, and God was closer than ever. Elisa is a mother, grandmother and wife. She speaks with “groups and podcast encouraging self wellness during tough and difficult times. A trainer and former competitive bodybuilder, Elisa is aware of challenges. She laughs as she adds “actress” to her titles after recently filming with John Travolta. Her travel has taken her many places. Australia has a special place in her heart. Elisa writes daily with a new novel, children’s books and daily devotionals on the horizon. Whether home or traveling, Elisa enjoys writing, photography, nature, painting and studying God’s word.

Author contact information: earthscripts@outlook.com

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