Book Overview

Rachel and best friend Leisa arrive at the airport to pick up the love of Rachel’s life her husband, Lawrence. As Rachel watches from the glass door into the control room, she suddenly realizes there is a problem with landing. Following the accident, Lawrence’s best friend Matthew commits to stand by Rachel. Soon it is more than Rachel’s hand Matthew is wishing to hold. When the two leave for a short trip and return married. Heads turn, along with Rachel’s accounts. Rachel struggles for the future as she holds the past in her heart. Realizing dreams do not always come true. Daughter Leigh worries that her mother is in love, but also in danger.

Attorney Franklin moves to protect Rachel and the family company. A meeting is called and all eyes are on the arrest of Matthew. When a beautiful coworker Sheree enters the room with an envelope that holds damaging information, everyone gasps as Rachel is arrested. Franklin runs to Rachel’s rescue. A shocked Rachel seeks for answers to her many questions. Returning to her old home place in Atlanta Rachel finds more than memories. Proving that often we must step back to move forward. While the wages of sin rage anger that seeks to destroy her, Rachel finds that her life is more important than anger. Someone follows Rachel and his presence feels familiar. Secrets are exposed, bringing power and suspense that unleash a jaw dropping twist that no plans could have prepared. Proving that what is in the past does not always stay there.